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My time in SAMA or Work outside

I came work for the museum to do Finance. It’s was interesting and a good experience to help the museum to opening their merchandise store for example like calculate the cost to produce the t-shirts and hoodies. I help also the museum with mission in Human resources, we put in place an employee handbook.

Work here is not only work in office, do your job in the contract and go home. In SAMA you can for example cleans the dishes or do the tea for the team, everybody in the team can do. If someone need helps you helps him because we are a team. In the museum we do not work only in the office with our computer, we work with hand too because we work outside too, not be afraid to have dirty hand when you work here.

For example, when Alaniz came here and do the artwork for Food4Smile “LA VIDA”, all the team of SAMA help him, we paint the wall too with him. It’s was a great experience for me because painting, work with an artist it’s was the first time for me, and I liked it. Here I saw how an artist work and the development of this artwork, the beginning at the end. It’s amazing because you learn a lot. I had the opportunity to speak with an artist so he can explain this artwork. The better way to understand, to really know SAMA when you work here it’s to participate to the creation of the artwork.

For the last artwork with Kenor. We clean the wood wall before Kenor paint the wood wall, and it’s was very hard because it’s takes 2 days to clean all and it’s was very cold outside, after cleaned, we paint two times the wood wall in white. People of neighbourhood were very nice because they congratulated for the work, and say it’s was better or good luck.

So, after this Kenor paint the wood wall it’s was great and when you saw the result the hours spent outside were worth it, because it was a great experience to share. The artwork is very beautiful, and he brings colour to the neighbourhood, he's near to Lidl so in my opinion when you go shopping and seeing this can only make you happy.

If you want to saw this artwork, the address is:

Lidl, Aalbersestraat 273-275, 1067 MD Amsterdam

Work here it’s educative because you learn a lot of think, and not just in your work areas but in general knowledge, in art. And because the museum is in Nieuw-West you know another part of Amsterdam not only the most popular, that why work for SAMA was great.

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