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ONe Line

As in every branch of visual art, Street art is also full of various techniques and ways in which an artist expresses himself. Some of the Street artists are using stencils, and some of them are just going freestyle. The concept of ONe line is more about freestyle and about constant experimentation.

This term came from a phenomenal spanish artist Suso33, which is based on street art, but also on another fields of art such as action painting, performance or video art. ONe line is title, that Suso33 chose to name his first retrospective exhibition in 2015. He developed a line execution technique without lifting the drawing tool, and also noticed, that painting this way, will strengthen connection with the emotional environment around him.

As the artist is ambidextrous, it allows him to dance and merge with the artwork to a greater extent. When you watch Suso33 in action, it looks almost like there is a race in his hands.

Street art underworld is full of artists, which are creating their pieces in that way. Obviously, it’s not possible to paint everything in one line, especially realistic or monumental street art. This technique is mainly used during tagging or creating minimalistic graffiti and street art.

It is necessary to mention other incredible street artists like TeamBlazin or Exit.enter.k, which have the One line gift in their hands too. All of these artists are different, but concentration, bravery and wisdom is in all of them. We are very proud and thankful , that we can have unique pieces by these artists in our collection.


Exit.enter.k - Balloon boy series Suso33 - Curiosity

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