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SAMA won the Dutch Privacy awards 2022

The Dutch Privacy Awards are there to put the most inspiring initiatives in the spotlight and give them the appreciation they deserve.
said jury chairman Wilmar Hendriks


Last year, Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) realized three murals about online privacy within their 'Privacy Project' with support from the City of Amsterdam. The artworks each shed light on the theme of privacy in their own way. With the Privacy Project, SAMA aims to highlight themes such as privacy, digital rights, anonymity on the Internet and the impact of technology on society. Following a call in March 2021, more than 80 artists submitted a design for one of the three walls. From 3,000 votes by local residents, a top three for each wall were made from which the three best designs were then chosen by the jury, the so-called Privacy Panel. An important criterion here was that the artwork make people think about the issue of privacy.

The jury nominated this project because it shows that through Street Art you can create awareness together with residents and start the conversation on the topic of privacy.

During the National Privacy Conference, all nominees presented their projects to the digital audience through Award pitches. The Awards were then presented.

Winners Dutch Privacy Awards 2022:

  • 'Privacy Project' Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) (Consumer Solutions category)

  • Quodari (Business Solutions category)

  • Summitto (Government Services category)

  • Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection (CIP) (Incentive Award)

From the jury report:

"Connecting privacy and art in a project that aims to promote awareness among residents is a unique form that pleasantly surprised the jury. With the Privacy Project, SAMA allows themes of privacy, digital rights, anonymity on the Internet and the impact of technology on society to capture the imagination. More than 80 artists were invited to create a design from which 3 murals were chosen. Neighborhood residents were involved in the design selection by expressing their preference through voting.

Raising awareness was one of the main goals of this project. With critical reflections, artists encouraged residents to think about privacy. For SAMA, the Privacy Project was a new adventure involving murals in three vulnerable neighborhoods in Amsterdam New West, North and Southeast."

"The jury believes that this project shows that you can bring privacy close to the residents through, for example, graffiti-art murals. But also the whole process in which the residents participate in the topics and realization contributes to give meaning to an abstract concept like privacy. "

"The jury expresses the wish that this project will be emulated in many other cities and especially vulnerable neighborhoods where residents do not yet sufficiently realize what happens with their data and how important it is to be able to make choices with whom you share it. "

Complete Jury Report:

Privacy First organizes the Dutch Privacy Awards with support from Democracy & Media Foundation and The Privacy Factory, in collaboration with ECP.

The Awards jury consists of independent privacy experts from various sectors, in their personal capacity:

  • Wilmar Hendriks, founder Control Privacy, board chairman CUIC and board member Privacy First (jury chairman)

  • Paul Korremans, chairman Privacy First

  • Melanie Rieback, CEO and co-founder Radically Open Security

  • Nico Mookhoek, privacy lawyer and founder DePrivacyGuru

  • Rion Rijker, privacy and information security expert and IT lawyer, partner Fresa Consulting

  • Magdalena Magala, Data Protection Officer municipality of Zaanstad

  • Mathieu Paapst, associate professor of IT law at the University of Groningen and project lead

  • Jaap van der Wel, IT expert and privacy lawyer, managing partner Comfort Information Architects

  • Erik Bruinsma, lawyer; director of strategy and management consulting, Central Bureau of Statistics.

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