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Street Art Museum Amsterdam welcomes Frances Gibson!

On Tuesday 18th April, the Street Art Museum Amsterdam welcomed a new intern, her name is Frances Gibson. She is 22 years old, comes from Leicestershire and studies in London.

She will be here with us until the 23rd June 2017. Frances does Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts situated in the North of London. She discovered SAMA online after researching about Amsterdam's street art scene, she decided to sent an email to Anna who was immediately seduced by her energy and her experience with urban art and arts in general.

Fran’s creativity is currently being used for the upcoming exhibition «New Time and Us».

Herewith is a little interview for you, to know a little bit more Frances.

I.H : Tell me more about Central Saint Martins’ School ?

F.G : Central Saint Martins is in North London, it’s a massive art school covering loads of disciplines; fashion, product design, drama etc. It’s a massive mixing pot for creativity. I do Fine Art, and specialize in Sculpture.

I.H : You chose the sculpture art, why ?

F.G : I chose to do sculpture, because I love objects, I love collecting things, things from the street, forgotten, dirty objects left behind. If I see a lost glove, I like to think about who owned it, how long it’s been lost, whether it’s past owner is missing it etc. I like the hands-on aspect of sculpture, and the process of creation. My work always comes from the

street, which is why I have developed an interest in street art.

I.H : Where your love for urban art comes from ?

F.G : My practice revolves around the street and the pedestrian. Over the past year I have begun to think more about street art and graffiti. I love discovering a city’s hidden secrets, you turn a corner and you find something new; I’m finding this particularly true in Amsterdam. The street hosts so many different people daily; giving street art the most diverse audience possible. I celebrate free art, and freedom to make art.

I.H : What was your first felling when you arrived at the Street Art Museum Amsterdam ?

F.G : I had done my research online about SAMA, and could see it was an exciting project that was still growing. What I didn’t realize until I arrived, was just how inviting and enthusiastic the team are. I knew from the word ‘go’ that this was something I wanted to be part of.

I.H : What did you expect from your experience at the SAMA, and what would you like to bring, to share ?

F.G : I hope to be of use to SAMA, and look forward to being part of it’s development. I can already see that

SAMA is going to teach me a lot, and I hope to share and develop my skills here.

As you can see she fits right in the SAMA’s dynamic and our little Crew already adopted her.

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