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Hidden Treasures of Sloterdijk - Street Art Lunch Walks

As of Monday, we have started our first pilot in Sloterdijk Centre - FREE LUNCH WALKS!

The walk takes you on a short tour of ±40 minutes that highlights the street art works by KENOR (ES) and Icy&SOT (IR), as well as contemporary art in open space by Jeroen Henneman, Karim Rashid, Herbert Nouwens, Saskia Hoogendoorn & Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands.

We drop by the new creative culture places such as VEN Square, Gardens of Bret Up-cycle City and Graffiti Bridge.

In addition, our walk puts spotlight on new catering hot spots such as Poke Bowl, Helders and Bret Cafes.

The history of Sloterdijk village as well as dreams of Teleport city are all part of the intangible heritage and exciting story telling mix, offered completely free for a short period only to those seeking for new things to do: alternative Amsterdam or alternative travel experience.

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