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Street Art Branding

With all these changes going on in SAMA, Nieuw-West and Amsterdam, we felt it was necessary to update our visual identity and share our true colours with the world! We attracted some fresh new faces to task with this job and are proud to present our new Brand Consultant - Nina Quax Creative Studio.

Our collaboration during the positioning and branding process is one of mutual ideas and interests. Both being independent creative organizations with an interest in cultural and social developments, we aim for originality in ideas and respect for makers and creators as the heart of our strategy.

Not just a tour!

We believe that with its collection, Street Art Museum Amsterdam surprises and enriches visitors, communities and society as a whole. And we haven’t been sitting still lately. The Sloterdijk community building support and DreamCatcher game have already been put into implementation, and are to restart at full speed in March 2019.

New Look!

Founded in 2010 as a means for stimulating of the local economy, SAMA had grown over the alst eight years into an eco-museum with an extensive collection of street art throughout Amsterdam West and Nieuw-West. We are hosting a quarterly programme of tours, events, workshops and lectures and provide knowledge and our expertise to a diverse audience. With all this growth going on we felt it was necessary to update our visual identity and present our true colours: our new look and feel.

We can't wait!

To represent this fluidity, agility and temporality that positions Street Art Museum Amsterdam as a unique facilitator of a fleeting and elusive heritage of both art and history Nina Quax Creative Studio created a new visual identity existing of (a.o.) a new logo that adapts, morphs, colour-shifts & shapes like a chameleon and matching marketing items to kick start our activities in 2019.

In 2018 we had also teamed up with INTK, a powerful start up by ex-Reinwardt academy students, who had helped our street art museum to optimize Google Grant we receive each year. The result is overwhelming rise in traffic by 200%.

In addition to the Re-Branding exercise, 2019 will be the first year SAMA had invested in paid marketing, with the first step into AMSTERDAM LUXURY TRAVEL GUIDE, and many more!

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