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Street Art Museum Amsterdam's New Face - Cika Schulz

Cika Schulz is 21 years old and she’s native Dutch.

She is a new intern and arrived at the Street Art Amsterdam Amsterdam on the 1st May and will stay until half of July.

When she finished her bachelors on Liberal Arts and Sciences 2 months ago, she wanted to do something useful and in relation with what she loves. So, Cika decided to make an internship by her own.

She is really interested in graffiti. She lived at Lisbon for a half a year, the rising European capital of Street Art, the dynamism of this city has given to her the love of the Street Art.

Before her internship, she has never heard about the SAMA, it’s through Internet Search about ‘Street Art Amsterdam’ she found our museum and decided to contact Anna.

Her main missions will be the writing and translating, because she's from Netherlands she could be SAMA's new daily Dutch Face for local people. Cika also is very excited about giving tours and broading SAMA's audience, making it accessable for those who do not speak English.

For her second day at the SAMA she had fun with the us as together we painted the

Instagrammers’s wall back to white. You can find the video of that morning, edited by Manon, on our Facebook and Youtube.

Cika also helped our team for ‘New Time and Us’ the social art exhibition, which opened on Friday, the 5th May, as part of the Liberation Day activities and Freedom dinner.

During her experience here she wants to know a little bite more about the street art obviously, and also get to know about the business part of it. For her, there is something special at the Street Art Museum Amsterdam, as she saids with smile ‘It’s cosy, it’s an office but not an office, that’s nice’. She feels home.

Welcome and good luck!

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