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SAMA and Open Source

People often ask me how the decisions are made with reference to Street Art Museum Amsterdam management. My answer is simple - we stay agile and we stay open source. And I do understand that normally 'museum' and 'agile' is as compatible as 'curatorial opinion' and 'open source'.

Sometimes the world’s most innovative leaders capture what seem like fleeting associations among ideas and knowledge, mixing and matching quite different concept. Tin so doing, they produce the occasional outlandish ideas that may e catalysts for innovative business ideas.

Disruptive Innovation: The Christensen Collection

Open Source in this case are the students, volunteers, artists, municipality workers, brand representatives and board members, who all contribute to what is a shared infrastructure. Manon is a coder and made an incredible website, together with GiGi who took the lead on art direction and graphic design. They based their work on what was left by Laurent, who after serious research updated the look and feel advised on by Pau. Ilona is a writer, and so is Cika, each one specialising in different fields from PR to Art Science.

Their visions and texts are original and unspoiled. Frances is an applied artist and is capable of supporting the team by providing inventive production methods for the concepts developed. San is a PR and Brand Development director who is also spearheading Museum on the Corner coalition. Jasper is an entrepreneur with a passion for heritage. Amy builds VR experience and develops games, as a hobby. Our inspiration comes from Sotheby's Business School Students or Heritage Academy Teachers as well as local green grocers and 'hanging youths' outside of SAMA HQ Gallery. Our partners and supporters - Young Society, Gemeente Amsterdam, Stadsdeel Nieuw-West, Ymere - are another element of the DNA we call SAMA.

None of us come from 'Graffiti' or 'Street Art' but all of us are curious and passionate about what this form of democratic movement can achieve in places where 'people don't go'.

All of us have been trained or worked with product design and new media, and all of us are determined to not disappear in the history of time.

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