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Good bye, French Students

After a slightly chaotic but adventurous week we had to give our three French interns a big hug, because they left SAMA last Saturday to return to France. We had some cultural activities planned to in order have a proper goodbye.

So last Tuesday afternoon, after working hard to finish all that needed to be done, all of us could go into town to visit some hidden street art spots and landmark galleries. As we walked the streets, Anna kept pointing to corners, doors or electricity boxes in order to show small pieces of street art; stickers, paste-ups and stencils mostly. We learned our lesson to always keep our eyes open, you never know what can be found so close to you!

During this afternoon we came to know the French a little bit better. I learned that Gigi’s personal favourite of the SAMA collection is the huge mural called Tolerance by Alaniz, that it is Manon who probably holds the record of wearing her shoes the longest - for 4 years straight, with some duct tape to keep them together. And that Ilona, though very brave, is a little afraid of thunder. But luckily enough the afternoon weather stayed bright and shiny.

Most of the week we focused to prepare the transition within SAMA. Francis and I tried our best to learn from Manon and Gigi how to use the website and software. Now it will be just Anna, Fran and me left to manage all.

However Friday was once again time for the big adventure, it was the last day for the three French! And as they hadn’t seen much else of Holland than Amsterdam, it was time to visit Leiden. We learned about the history from the passionate Dutch architect Frank Mulder. After a great day the end it was a little sad, having to say goodbye.

So to the French who worked hard for SAMA the past months: ‘Merci, bisous et salut’!!

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