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Promotion and Intervention - Project Sloterdijk

The lasts weeks we have been preparing for a new project, and now things are getting serious! In order to spark curiosity and raise awareness about street art collection of SAMA, we developed a -- BUDGET SOLUTION -- Promotion and Intervention Project in Sloterdijk, to show the people that street art exists just around the corner.

With this project we look back into the roots of street art and postering, dig into the inspiration provided by the guerrilla methods of the early graffiti and explore different street pasting techniques.

The coming days we will use old school spray paint and stencils to fabricate bright and striking handmade posters. We will use everything we can that is available to us, from left over spray cans that are stored in the gallery (from previous projects) to wallpaper glue that has been used only ones. This way the project takes on a sparingly approach, making no more waste than necessary.

The project is on a temporary scale, not meant to last but to catch the eye of the passer-by. The posters use bright colours and will spark curiosity from the public. Hopefully the action of pasting the posters up the wall will invite people to start dialogue on what street art is about, what they think of it and where to find street art is this neighbourhood.

Ultimately, through the project we want to raise awareness for the collection of street art in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam Nieuw-West, bringing a new positive vibe with it!

So today we visited Sloterdijk Station and learned that there are multiple possible locations for guerrilla posting. We are looking predominantly for electricity doors or boxes, cause these are known to be prone to illegal graffiti writing, posting or pasting stickers and so using these will not cause to much harm for the environment.

So if you are planning to cross Sloterdijk Station anytime soon, you might find our posters on the corner of the street (or right in your face), celebrating and promoting street art!

PS. photos will follow soon!

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