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Good bye Street Art Museum Amsterdam

Goodbye SAMA!

After just over two months, it’s time for me to say goodbye to SAMA, and what a sorry goodbye it is.

SAMA to me is a wonderful project that chops and changes through time. Artworks must go, and new artworks will arrive; much like it’s interns! This is the beautiful thing about street art; its ephemerality.

Giving tours was the best part of my job; meeting new people and discussing all of the works in so many different ways with people from across the world. Designing posters and guerilla posting with Cika was great great fun, who knows, maybe I’m inspired…

I’ve worked alongside other wonderful interns: Manon, Ilona, Gigi and Cika. Keep up the good work Cika! And of course, thank you so much to Anna for being a wonderfully charismatic boss!

See you later Amsterdam,

Frances Gibson


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