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Expedition VOSKHOD visits Amsterdam

Expidition VOSKHOD is a collaboration of travelers, musicians, painters, video, street art, and tattoo artists. We’re exploring the world, playing gigs, painting, shooting videos and proving that music can do the impossible and art has no limits. We’ve created a clothing brand to share emotions from our trips and fund new adventures, expeditions, and art endeavours.

From 25-29 September, Street Art Museum Amsterdam are proud to host this exciting crew!

In October 2016 – February 2017 we covered 24,000 km in two Soviet Volgas from Moscow to the island of Bali. Across 9 countries, all the Tibet, Himalayas, dozens of 5,000 m passages, jungle and islands of the Indian Ocean.

We became the first travelers in history who made it from Russia to Indonesia by car, conquered the record high of 5,380 m in Soviet civil vehicles, and for the first time crossed the Equator aboard Volgas. On our way we played over 40 gigs in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. We became the first Russian and the third foreign musicians to play gigs in Tibet and its capital Lhasa. We shot a documentary about the independent musicians of South-East Asia and recorded an album inspired by our journey called “Volga-Volga”.

In September 2017 VOSKHOD expedition embarks on a new chapter, “Bound for Atlantic”. We’ll try to make it to Portuguese Nazare, an iconic surfing hotspot experiencing some of the biggest waves on Earth. In December 2016 our friend and prominent Russian surfer Andrey ‘Dolphin’ Ovchinnikov became the first Russian to take on the 20m monster. We resonate with creative people who face their fears and tackle challenges, break away from their routines and accomplish big and small feats every day. Who change the world inside and outside by their example. That’s what drives us. “Bound for Atlantic” is a tribute to these characters, and that’s what our next film is about. Our site works as a crowdsourcing platform: you can follow the progress of the project, watch videos, and download music we create on the road. You can also purchase our clothes there and benefit from various options, get onboard or just support the Expedition by adding on kilometers. The main pages feature a scale picturing the progress of kilometer accumulation. ‘Kilometers’ are an inside currency, the blood in the veins of our body. By exchanging kilometers for the clothes of our making you propel the Expedition.

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