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Hello, Tierrah!

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed Tierrah Young Magnani to our crew of Street Art Museum Amsterdam.

Tierrah is 16 years old and lives in Slotermeer Nieuw-West for almost 9 years now. She was born to an American mom and Italian dad in Washington DC, USA. Her native language is English with Dutch catching up along the way. She is currently studying in Mundus College. Tierrah loves to draw taking inspiration from computer games and comics, listen to weird to Japanese music and surf the internet.

I met Tierrah through Celeste, who was participating in the projects of SAMA, and when I saw MOSTE's reaction to her sketch book, I instantly knew that she must apply for Keith Haring Foundation Summer School organised by Stedellijk Museum Amsterdam.

Tierrah was shy, smart and very funny: she helped after the workshop, she offered to volunteer for any other productions we might have, she assisted with preparations of Keith Haring Family day and was there on a day working her sweat off with 400 visitors. So, it is not surprise that Tierrah ended up doing her internship at SAMA.

Tierrah will be drawing, consulting on the latest happenings of the youth on internet, helping with administration and writing for the Blog.

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