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Painting with Uriginal and Irene

On the 12th of January 2018, I went to assist two great artist Uri & Irene near Ten Katestraat, just outside of Huygens College. This was the 2nd day of production and Anna was super excited when I finally arrived.

My task was to support the artists through the production. On the street. The weather wasn't all that pleasant, it was very cold and very windy. In fact it was awful. I was genuinely surprised by Uri and Irene's ability to continue to work so hard without any signs of weather complaints. They are from Barcelona, and when I looked at their clothes, I thought to myself - they are not very prepared. But they kept painting on.

Speaking of the artist, Uri and Irene were actually pretty cool people. They're super nice both with colorful personalities (Just like their paintings). I had a really good time getting to know them, they're very funny as well. And again, they work very hard. They made me think what effort I must put if I want to become a full time artist.

The whole time I was assisting them while they were painting, such as holding the ladder for Irene because the ground was uneven and the ladder would wobble from time to time. I would help move the ladder and hand them art supplies, I also tried to keep them inspired and entertained by playing some Japanese vaporwave, to my surprise Irene loved it.

They were painting Huygens with a bull and the horse from Guernica, it was a mix of street and classic form of making art.

They way Uri painted him was absolutely astounding! So many colors for a skin color, you could could see them all from upfront but from far it looked like one color. And that's what I found amazing about it!

It was a pleasure working with them, we laughed and had some audiences that were curious about the art in progress. We even had one kid that asked to paint with them, he was handed a spray can and drew his own stick figure man on the side of the wall! I find it amazing how these people inspire others into being creative, that is an impressive skill.

We took a small break and went to the Halen, and ate good. There we talked about one another, I introduced them to some of my drawings it wasn't much, just sketches and they liked it, so all was well. Then we went back to work afterwards.

Later, when they decided that they were done for the day me and Anna stored their art supplies in a near by bar, after that I said my goodbyes and went home.

I think I did pretty well in helping them over all, everyone was satisfied and no one got hurt from climbing ladders to paint. It was an exciting day and very eye opening, if you have the time I would recommend you check the finish product out.

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