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Capital Crisis - Mokum meets Paris

From Paris’ famed District 13 to Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) is bringing the power of global urban art to the Netherlands. Through interactive exhibition, SAMA explores Amsterdam as a city with an identity crisis.

What does it mean to be a republic in the contemporary times?

Last year SAMA brought an alternative and raw take of Amsterdam to the 13 Art Fair Urban Contemporary in its inaugural year. In 2018, the elections year, it has returned with collaborative art story to show Amsterdammers what Paris thinks about our city. Part love letter, part thought provoker, Capital Crisis is an expression of pure emotion.

The Urban and Street Art movement has seen rapid growth and unique popularity unlike any other art form, with its passionate creators using public spaces as social commentary through their work. What Paris and Amsterdam share is a story of shifting government policies at odds with changing demographics - secular and multi-culti.

“We realized that the story is equally important to Amsterdam as it was to Paris. We study our culture in order to emancipate ourselves so we can deal with the uncertainties of the future in an informed way. We want Amsterdammers to read what we brought from Paris, and for them interact with that “ says museum founder Anna Stolyarova.

Visitors to Capital Crisis are invited to bring an item to add to our collage or leave their own mark in an expression of what Amsterdam is to them.

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