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Hello, Victoria!

She is a power woman who carries warmth in her heart. She combines a maker-attitude with South American spirit. She is a person who can take the lead and who gets things done. She is the right person we need here at SAMA. May I introduce: Victoria.

Victoria has a Colombian background and grew up in the New York City area. “The area where I come from is very diverse one with people from all over the globe concentrated very closely together. It’s easy to find practically anything you are looking for, and also great for discovering new things.”

To discover more of the world she had turned her back towards New York City and started her own adventure. She has lived in Italy before she moved to Amsterdam for study. “I moved here over the summer to further my studies and live in a different city. I picked a great program at the University of Amsterdam to participate in and enjoy the international education. I’m getting a Master’s in Heritage and Memory Studies. My bachelor’s degree is in Journalism and Media studies, and I have worked professionally as a journalist, event producer, and digital content creator.”

Victoria’s brings her professional experience in journalism to SAMA and has been creating digital content for our channels. Every time when something happens in the galerie Victoria pulls out her phone at lightning speed to take pictures. While taking pictures she holds her phone so close to her eyes that she looks like holding a analogue camera. Seconds after you can already see her shots on one of SAMA’s social network channels.

Victoria was drawn to SAMA because of a desire to do things differently, and appreciates the idea of the non-traditional museum structure. The connection made with her Heritage degree program revolves around the history of the Nieuw West and the ephemeral nature of street art. Exploring this kind of intangible heritage is appealing, and she hopes to learn more about the social cohesion merits of this medium.

Btoy is Victoria’s favorite artist in SAMA’s collection. It’s because of her “badass portraits” of strong female characters. Every portrait tells a story of a woman who does something pioneering. And as a journalist Victoria is of course interested in stories; “For me the most interesting aspects of Street Art are the stories; of the artists who created the artworks and what they communicate with their work.” Good for her that she found her way to SAMA because we have hundreds of stories to tell. And Victoria is the right person to tell all of them: “I love Pinky, SAMA’s sweet art dog and unofficial mascot. She knows the routes for the tours and loves chasing bunnies.” #pinkyforpresident #pinky2020

Victoria is tough and she is brim-full of energy. When not at the museum, she loves to roller skate and has also been playing roller derby for seven years. She also likes to paint gifts that she gives to her friends. She is an avid traveller who loves to visit historic sites and tries to find the non-touristic places during her travels. Even in Amsterdam she tries to discover the amazing places besides the touristic areas of the city. She says: “I love the world that exists outside of the city center that a lot of people don’t get to experience. Each neighborhood has its own flavor and I like that they each have something unique to offer. Amsterdam offers so much more than just the city center and I encourage people to consider broadening what they think Amsterdam is.” Good for her that she lives in Nieuw-West and that she found us. We’re a good starting point to see the city from a different angle. Welcome to the westside! Welcome Victoria!

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