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My First Production with Street Art Museum Amsterdam

On Sunday, last week, I have experienced my first Street Art Workshop. Anna was presenting to the Plekk Magazine what Street Art is and how important street art is for the city of Amsterdam. Her explanation was having multiple axes, she talks about how street art appears, the different ways to do street art. But, the most impactful for me, the part where she seems the more passionate about, was when she talks about the authenticity of street-art. Street art is supposed to be outside, it belongs to the street. Street art has always lived in the gap between legality and illegality, it belongs to the street.

After a tour of a part of NDSM and the different artworks dispose on it, team blazin make the participants practice street art. Even if the idea of taking “classes” of street art seems weird to me, the experience was great. The different participants were painting/tagging over artworks from other people. By this act, by painting over art to just practice, they were saying something about the volatility of street art.

This Sunday help me understand a bit better street art in Amsterdam.

Cette vidéo était très amusante et enrichissante!

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