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Hello Cheyenne!

I am from West France in a little medieval city called Parthenay, between the Niort city and Bressuire city. I did a professional BAC Commerce last year, and now I do BTS Tourism at highschool Sacre Cœur in Nantes. I come to Amsterdam for my internship and discover the culture of Street Art, although my first priority is to learn English.

Parthenay is a city of Art and History with the castle and Museum Georges Turpin. Now I live in center of Nantes for my studying, which is a touristic city with are big cultural heritage and many green parks, as the Garden of Plants and Parc Procé. Nantes is located at North West at 385km from Paris.

During my free time I like watching the movies and listening to music. I love travel and too walk in the forest, in the mountains, or on the beach for looking at different landscape. I enjoy many festivals or concerts.

Nieuw-West, where I live and work in Amsterdam, is a quiet and relaxing neighbourhood. It is only 25 minutes from the center Amsterdam and there is everything nearby with a lot of green parks.

I like art in general because it’s a way to express oneself, to leave a trace of oneself, to convey a message, and to represent something. I love Street Art because it brings color to cities, animation and gaiety. The aspect of Art that interests me the most is the freedom expression, and try to understand the message passing through the artist.

My favourite artist is Stinkfish, because i like the colours and the large formats he uses. I also like idea of him using his own photography in creating an artwork.

I love FATHERFOOD – STINKFISH (2015) because I find that the title is very speaking. Colours brings gaiety to the building and I like this achievement work in height. I am impressed knowing that the artist put only one day for this realisation and with no budget.

I came to SAMA because I like tourism, and have an opportunity to work as a guide, and at the same time, meet artists and enrich my general culture. I sent and email to Anna, who answered me YES almost immediately. When I saw the answer I remember my reaction was great excitement to integrate in this team, that seemed like a family.

My first personal task is to learn English and understand the English. Anna asked me to write this interview for the museum's the blog - the practice of writing and speaking. Errieti, another Master student in SAMA, has helped me a lot with finishing this article. I was helped to welcome the artists (Bastardilla, Cleaver Cunnigham and Kenor), as well as the French customers, and to learn the collection so I can give a Tour.

I admire the courage of Anna to have created this unique museum that has put the art for everyone in the quiet area. Anna loves what she does and it is the most important to flourish!

This museum allows the exchange, the sharing, the discovery since here we come from everywhere, the trainees, just like the artists. Here the exchanges with the artists are family and it is fantastic there are no others words !

My best moment at SAMA so far is Wednesday, December 12th, when we welcomed the Jamaican Man artist, Cleaver and spend the day together to see how his art was being made. And to end this good day, we all gathered around with coffee, a tea or a good beer with the artist Bastardilla who joined us and it was super nice !

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