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Hit the Floor! with E1000

After almost 10 months of discussions and preparations, Wij Zijn 40-45, Stadsdeel Nieuw-West and Street Art Museum Amsterdam are happy to announce that the new artwork has been commissioned for our street art collection.

This is our first FLOOR PIECE and we are enthusiastic to learn new paint and techniques. When choosing the artist, SAMA team had to look not only at technical and artistic parameters but also into the FAMILY CONNECTION, which is very important for SAMA collection. E1000 from Madrid, Spain is an interesting graffiti/street artist who is also busy with art history and graffiti academic research. Emil has recently visited Amsterdam and SAMA, during a conference he helped to organise in Amsterdam about Tagging. His longstanding practice and evolution from graffiti to street art fits the requirements for SAMA collection - from SUSO33 in Madrid to KENOR in Barcelona.

The production will take place from 9 - 13 September with a small inauguration in the morning of Friday, 13th.

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