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Welcome Noura Bint Saidan!

This week, Street Art Museum Amsterdam is hosting renowned Saudi Arabian street artist Noura Bint Saidan. As part of her first visit to the Netherlands, Noura will stay in Amsterdam until October 21st, exploring the city and participating in a number of events focused on themes such as street art, feminism and education. All are welcome to join Noura and SAMA in the week’s festivities, and we hope to see some new and familiar faces throughout the week!

To start things off, New Metropolis is hosting Creativity Without Borders on Tuesday October 14th at 16.00h. The programme will be centered on a dynamic and culturally diverse panel of creatives, who will exchange stories and illuminate the transcendent nature of the arts. This event, which gained inspiration from Noura’s visit to the Netherlands, will begin with street art workshop and then commence with a series of talks regarding the role of art in cultural dialogues. Noura will share her personal artistic inspirations as well as the challenges she has faced as one of the first Saudi Arabian women to become involved with street art. Particularly considering the multicultural community in which this event takes place, this pay-as-you-like event is exceptionally apt.

Then, on Wednesday October 16th, Noura will make her way to Calandlyceum in Osdorp and initiate a project with local children. The programme will include a meet and great with the students, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and write stories. SAMA has also arranged for a special guest appearance by the iconic Barcelona-based street artist Andrea Michaelsson, perhaps better known by her moniker Btoy. Together, Noura and Btoy will conduct a workshop, showcasing their own distinct styles and embodying the dynamism of contemporary street art techniques, including freehand, stencils, and calligraffiti among a host of many others.

Finally, the SAMA team will join Noura and Btoy on an excursion to Den Haag for an event hosted by Humanity House; entitled Handing her the mic: past, present and future of Gulf women, a panel of five women from Gulf states will precipitate a discourse on the societal changes and shifting roles of women in their region across a variety of disciplines. This discussion is exceptionally topical in our increasingly globalized world, and particularly here in Amsterdam given recent events. This free programme begins at 19.30h, and is sure to provide a fascinating foundation for future discussions here in the Netherlands. Seats can be reserved on the Humanity House website.

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