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Hello Jules!

Hey, I’m Jules and I came from Lyon in France! I currently study business and I’m in Amsterdam in order to realize an internship as part as my academic master program.

When I have free time, I love hanging out with friends. I do sport like football, tennis or swimming. Also, I was this year part of a drama association so during my free time I had some rehearsals for our show.

I love art! I like drawing sometimes. This year I was part of a drama show. I wrote entirely with friends an original show and we create it, produce it and act on stage three times in a theatre.

I never work in a street art organization, but I always love this art. It’s an “free-art” open for everyone. An interesting aspect of Street Art is the notion of open exposition. The artwork will be expose freely and offered to everyone in the street. The artist, sometimes, play with the street structure and create unique artwork which bring colours and brightness to a city!

I love the work of Btoy. She realized different artwork all around the neighbourhood area with her own style easily identifiable. She has its unique and colourful style.

Also, I loved the work of Pez and Danny Recal. Their re-interpretation of Vermeer is modern and interesting and very colourful and original. Furthermore, the size of the artwork impress.

I just arrived in Amsterdam so there’s a lot to discover! But the city seems to hide a lot of surprises! Nieuw West is a multicultural neighbourhood which is nice!

For my academic program I must have realize an internship abroad. Moreover, I spent last year, three months in a huge company for my previous internship and this year I would like to have an experience in a different kind of organization. Also, it could be really interesting to have an experience in culture. In another hand Amsterdam is a city that I wanted to discover.

Within SAMA, I’ll be part of project management and communication on social media and blog.

SAMA is a developing museum which carry out a lot of project linked with art. I like the way SAMA develops its collection in the neighbourhood and organizes workshop and events for Amsterdam citizen.

During my time in SAMA I want to improve in project management and learn how to manage project linked to culture and art. I also want to be part in communication tasks in order to realize many various missions and learn many different aspects.

SAMA could bring me some skills in project management and in communication. In another hand I could use my studies’ knowledge for my internship. My business studies background could be useful for these missions (project management and communication). I want to achieve many missions that I will carry out and develop my sense of management with link to culture and art universe.

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treacle thump
treacle thump
5 days ago

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