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Hello Louise!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

My name is Louise Masoni and I was born in Troyes, France. After high school, I moved to the United States for almost 2 years to learn English and I am now studying Economical Business in Lyon, France at ESDES Business School. I am currently doing my master's degree in entrepreneurship and I am passionate about photography, sport, and culture.

The city of Troyes is very charming and is filled with a lot of history. I loved my city, but 18 years was enough to know every little place and I began to go in circles. The city started to feel somehow monotonous and I wanted to see something else. I still love to go back to Troyes for vacations or some weekends because it is always going to be home.

I am now living in Lyon, France for almost 4 years to study business in ESDES Business school. Lyon is one of 3 biggest cities of France after Paris and Marseille. The student life there is amazing, there is always something to do or to see. When you are in Lyon, you are in the heart of everything, you are close to the south if you want to go to the sea, or if you are up to skiing you can easily get to the mountains. Also, the food is DELICIOUS !

During my free time, my camera is my best friend. I basically take it wherever I go and whenever I might be able to take photos. I am passionate about it and the idea of capturing special and particular moments is for me obsessing. I enjoy drawing, painting or playing some guitar as well. I am also a huge fan of any team sports. I played basketball for 8 years and I was born in a soccer fan family. I would not see my life without doing sport.

Before joining SAMA, I was not too familiar with street art but I have always been fascinated about it. Every time I go to a new city or abroad, I am always looking for street artworks around. The thing I love about street art is the mystery about it and all the different messages that work can bring to the mind. There are so many street artists I feel that I could never be tired of it.

My relation to art in general is mostly from my passion for photography, drawing, and my strong enthusiasm to learn about art in general.

In my opinion, there are many interesting aspects of Street Art. Indeed, this is the thing about street art, it is a creative and unrestricted art, which can diverse and vary in many different ways. Street art is always growing and developing and you can never get tired of it. Street art is about creativity, freedom, asking and raising questions. What makes street art unique is that any person can pass through it and give meaning to a work.

My favorite artist in the SAMA collection would be STINKFISH. I love the fact that he uses photos to incorporate psychedelic elements and features. The way he uses colors is, in my opinion, amazing and really well-done. I would stand to look at his work for hours. You can see one of his famous workpiece bellow.

One of my favorite artworks of the SAMA collection would be « the last kiss » from NAFIR. I choose this one because of the powerful emotions it brings me every time I look at it.

For my fourth year in business school, I am required to do a 5 to 6 months internship. Unlike most of the students in my school, I didn’t want to go to a big world-wild company and really wanted to choose something that would fit my personality and in an area I know I would enjoy and be 100% motivated for. Working in the culture field has always been something in my mind. Because of the organization's little size and its different opportunities for trainees, working in SAMA was the best choice for me. This internship will give me the opportunity to explore my passion for art and at the same time develop my different business skills.

My task at SAMA is to assist with the website, write articles, publish articles on social media (and blogs), create visuals for the different medias, give tours and create a new communication plan.

During my internship at SAMA, I would like to learn more about the street art culture, develop my digital skills and also learn about all the entrepreneurial aspects around SAMA and how they managed to make profits.I am currently doing a master's degree in entrepreneurship and SAMA was the perfect illustration of an organization I would love to create in my future life. I could bring to SAMA my business knowledge, especially all the marketing skills I have learned during my studies. I will also be able to offer my creativity and motivation to enhance SAMA as much as I can.

I am very pleased to work in SAMA and to be able to have the trust of all the team!

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