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Street Art - "Odd to Tulips" by E.Lee

During the recent tour through Street Art Museum Amsterdam's collection we noticed that someone has placed flowers that are seriously matching the artwork, we giggled, called it an intervention and move on.

A couple of days ago, during another tour a lady approached us and with pride explained how much she appreciates this innocent yet outstanding artwork; how she noticed that we are having daily visitors to it, and how she wanted to celebrate the change in her neighbourhood. So, she compiled a bouquet herself from the plastic flowers that match the pink of the tulips and added a red one herself to match the signature of the artist, which is in red. Moreover, she put a string in a cup holding the flowers with a stone attached to it, so that the flowers will not get blown up by the wind. The lady demonstrated the whole construction, smile and thanked us for the project and an idea to make what used to be an ugly place into a spot of beauty and light.

The project is called 'Find me if you can' and is a street art game, whereby 10 artworks by OakOak, 9 by Btoy and 1 by E.Lee create a walk around L. Zijlplein. If you find all of the artworks, and submit them to us with your story, Street Art Museum Amsterdam will give you a a museum card worth 60euro and valid for 1 year.

The project is enjoyed both by tourists and the locals. Today we bumped into 2 Dutch girls who moved into the area recently and have been wondering about all the street art on their block. They decided to make a photoshoot that day and that's how we met them during the daily walk.

As a founder of SAMA and a 'natural born community builder', I am very proud and touched by the impact our open source organisation had created. I hope that the City of Amsterdam, will recognise our work one day too :)

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