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Hello, Bertrand!

Bertrand is the first Frenchman of 2018 intern cycle, who joined the team at SAMA on the 12 of February 2018. Within a few days he got the nickname “BeBe”, mainly because it’s faster and easier to pronounce. He is quiet, focused and good at observing his surroundings. Probably these are good qualities for his work and moreover necessary skills which we need to build a functioning team.

Bertrand comes from the small town Saint-Martin-en-Haut which is between Lyon and Saint Etienne. In his own words: “It’s a very active nice little town.” Because we hadn't have the time to create a personal picture of this lovely town we had to google and it's true - the small town on a hill embedded in a green landscape really look like a good place to spend our next holidays. Because his hometown is located close to Lyon, his favorite Street Art crew is from this picturesque town. The crew BirdyKid paints colourful birds with twisted eyes and is a star in the vivrant youth and subcultural scene of the town.

As part of his Communication and Graphic Design bachelor program, Bertrand has elected to do his three month internship in Amsterdam. Bertrand loves to watch movies, play sports like handball or skateboarding, and goes out to party with his friends.

Bertrand doesn’t like to cold wind in Amsterdam, but he is fascinated by the city environment. “It’s a beautiful city and even if there is lot of traffic, everything in the city works together and it’s really enjoyable to simply walk through the streets.”

He says about SAMA and this relation to Street Art: “I’m a neophyte in Street Art but it interests me a lot. My task at SAMA is to do the graphic design and the motion design for the communication of the museum. I think it’s really interesting to see a museum which has its artworks in the public space. The whole museum depend on the person who gives the tours and talks about the different artworks. It’s not just a museum - it’s a knowledge exchange.”

During this time at SAMA he wants gain knowledge how to organize a project from its start to its end. “On the other hand, SAMA can benefit from my studies. Both talk about art but have different approaches to deal with it. I hope that I can add this perspective to the work of SAMA.”

Bertrand really likes some works of OakOak. ”His artworks are really funny and he has an intelligent way to do street art.” And the fact that Bertrand likes OakOak is maybe not just grounded on this art but could have a light overtone of french fraternization. French people have to hold together!

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