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Hello, Paul!

Since the beginning of March, we are now five interns at SAMA. Paul is the last one who joined the team, and we hear the smooth sound of the French language waving through our office when Paul and Bertrand talk to each other. Paul is 20 years old and arrived to Amsterdam a few weeks ago from the southwest of France.

“I’m from Bordeaux even though I have studied in Angoulême and Chambéry. Bordeaux is for me one of the most beautiful city in the world, and weirdly enough Bordeaux looks even more beautiful when it’s flooded because all the light of the city reflects in the river.“

Paul is an expert on digital visualisation and about to finish his bachelor degree’s. At SAMA, Paul gains his first professional experiences towards Street Art. We hope that we can benefit of his knowledge towards digital visualisation and use it to find a way to preserve the artworks.

“I have studied Numeric art, media, programming, editing, video, and user experience. And I am here at SAMA, because I was lucky enough to receive in my mailbox a commitment on my application on this internship in less than a week.During the internship I will focus on SAMA’s digital communication. My main assignment is to improve the website. So I will do a lot of user interface / user experience design work and web programming.“

“I don’t know much about Street Art yet, but I like the hybrid status which the museum has, due to the nature of street art. The museum is the city itself but it still has a location where every tour starts.“

But Paul has the best preconditions to work for SAMA and to discover the wide world of Street Art; he walks through the city with open eyes while discovering the curiosities of Amsterdam.

“I saw a gym and a KFC in the same building, just above each other. That was a funny contrast. Amsterdam is so flat. When I think of the place where all the members of the Flat Earth Society (a cult where its members still belief that the Earth is flat.) might live it must be in Amsterdam because the city is so flat.“

We haven’t ever heard of this cult before, so we are very happy that Paul joint the team to feed us with these curious and nerdy information. So welcome at SAMA we hope that we will have an amazing time together.

Vive la France!

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