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See Amsterdam your own way

“The museum is a colossal mirror in which man contemplates himself, in short, in all his aspects."

Georges Bataille, Museum of the Future, 2014

"A very different side of Amsterdam"

15 Mar 2018 , Axel S

"We are very excited about the street art tour of the Street Art Museum Amsterdam. Martin our German leader could tell us not only a lot about street art, the museum and the artists. Instead, the leadership was also simultaneously a super interesting district leadership through an area in which you normally do not necessarily come as a tourist, about which there is, however, a lot to learn and is very interesting and worth seeing straight through the street art art in their own way. We have definitely seen a lot, experienced, and made great photos. The whole team Anna is very warm and we were very comfortable and felt welcome us with a coffee in the cozy office of the museum. Interested Just for Art and travelers who want to explore sites of Amsterdam also like that are far away from the typical tourist routes, such a trip is actually almost a must. € 15 for this tour very little are definitely you get offered for what. You can also feel the passion with which the museum is operated and are therefore interesting content and information management."

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