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We have Junior!

Junior Voetel studies in Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer, and as part of his art class work experience, vmbo-T, he's joined Street Art Museum Amsterdam for a week.

Junior was looking for his internship in different museums, because he is in his art class and thought it would be great to do something with art. After surfing through many options and realising that it is not so easy to get a placement for 1 week in a regular instituitonal museum, he has focused on Street Art Museum Amsterdam. Junior's father likes street art so it was only natural for the family to make a choice.

"because I want to become a game designer and developer later on and may be even work at Nintendo. It also seems nice to meet you, because I am a big fan of your analogue games. The first game I played from Nintendo was Mario kart for the WII, and I saw that you have a Mario in your collection. That is why I would like to do an internship with you. My qualities are that I am very creative, that I never give up, that I can work well together through school and that I am very interested. I can work well with computers, because when I go I look for things I can do with computers. I can design good characters in games and think backstories of characters. I also learn very quickly."

Two phonecalls later and an e-mail-tje, Junior was signed up!

In his week in SAMA, Junior will help with receipts, shadow the design team, escort the tour for a school from Brussels, assist at Pakhuis de Zwijger (Nieuw-West) opening, write a small report at the end of his experience, mess around with boys, read on SAMA and our artists, learn how to use spray can.

What a fun week for Junior!

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