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Hello, Aimable!

Last week we had a new addition to SAMA team - Aimable Nsabimana from Burundi. Aimy has been living in Amsterdam for 2,5 years now. He speaks fluent French but had to learn Dutch from scratch. He is joining SAMA as a tour guide and is now undergoing his training.

In Burundi Aimy used to work as economist but due to political issues in his country, he had to flee his country. Whilst waiting for the papers in the Netherlands, he is living in AZC Willinklaan in a room with 2 other men: "We don't have very much to do. It is very tiring not to be able to use all of your abilities and be reduced to sleeping only. That is why when I heard about the opportunity at your museum, I immediately asked to join."

Aimy has already joined over 5 tours in the 3 days he has been here, some with Brasilian Vittoria from Reinwardt Academy, who is writing the Collection Policy Plan, and some with Mexican Ricardo MOSTE, who is here on his residency program.

"Vittoria is very nice and friendly, and I learned from her about street art museum and history of the area. Ricardo has given me a deeper knowledge into the production of the art. Anna cooks a lot. I really like it here. Gives me motivation to get out of bed and go somewhere in the morning."

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