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In the past on the first day of spring people used to create and offer bracelets called “March’’ made with red and white twine. According to the history the red and white represents the contrasts, Spring-Winter, light-dark, hot-cold. The bracelet was worn until people were able to see the first signs of spring. After that they had to tie it to a tree in order to be lucky the whole year.

The last years to the bracelet was added a bead which represents the sun. So the bracelet became a symbol of the Sun. Nowadays the bracelet symbolize the faith, rebirth, optimism and happiness!

And that is how our museum welcomed the spring through a Workshop full of colors, histories and kids laughter. The Workshop took part in 1 of March at Willliklann AZC which is a refuge center for families from all around the world. The workshop was separated in two parts. The first one was about a story telling about the Spring Traditions in different countries of world, after that the children drew pictures and took inspiration from the spring stories. At the last part we thread red and white bracelets in order to reborn old traditional stories.

SAMA is a museum with local and anthropocentric character which tries to connect the local people to its mission and to share knowledge and experience with different kind of audience and especially with young beautiful minds. Efi our intern from Greece who specialized in Art and Educational workshops for children helped us to design and proceed a special workshop which is gonna be in our yearly calendar!

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