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Freedom Celebrations at Street Art Museum Amsterdam

To celebrate Liberation day, Street Art Museum Amsterdam opened a new exhibition and hosted two freedom dinners, and what a success!

The lead up to the exhibition was busy. Despite having started preparations over a month ago, the final week was jam-packed as per. The curation of the exhibition and the reality of each exhibit were to be finalised, booklets needed printing and posters needed posting!

Tasks were allocated to members of the SAMA team: Ilona, Manon, Gigi, Fran and Cika- a team of designers, writers and artists, and of course Director and Founder of SAMA: Anna. We cleared the space to start afresh, and returned the walls to gallery white, which was quite a bit of fun…

Journeys were made to pick up materials and supplies. The catalogue was typed out in English and Dutch. Social media was regularly updated. The exhibition was coming along.

The day before the event: floors were mopped and surfaces cleaned, the menu for lunch and dinner finalised. We were set and ready for the opening the next day and ended the preparations with a cheeky nightcap to celebrate.

The show is an exploration of Nieuw West and it’s residents. Exhibiting 6 stories from a local politician, to schoolchildren, to local pioneers. Each story is presented in different forms of communication, for you to explore each dialogue differently.

May 5th: Freedom Lunch is served! Families from the neighbourhood, members from the Youth Society and curious children came in for a delicious, extensive and most importantly free buffet, courtesy of Anna. The live interview of members from the Young Society and it’s founder Amber took place; answering questions on freedom and the organisation’s development.

After the demolition of the Freedom Lunch, Freedom Dinner preparations began. Order was restored in the gallery and Anna cooked for us all once again. Musicians arrived and set up in time for the new guests to arrive. The exhibition was discussed and the party started with live music from Monique and Elvis. Dinner is served.

Many thanks to everyone who came and made it a success. And don’t forget, the show is on for 3 months, so there’s still time for you to come and visit.

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