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Buren Dag 2018 - Street Art in Sloterdijk

Sloterijk Central boasts with some 200 businesses around the constantly changing station hall, as well as some ±10 monumental artworks in the open space together with the new cultural hotspots such as recycling city by Studio Valkenier.

For the Burendag in Sloterdijk on 22 September 2018 at 15:00, Street Art Museum Amsterdam will be guiding an Art Walk "Secrets of Sloterdijk". The Art Walk will cover not only the Street Art in Sloterdijk but also the new culture places and hotspot as well as tips on upcoming development. The tour will take the participant on a short yet informative experience, including the introduction to the new artwork by "Iranian Banksy" Icy and Sot in collaboration with MOCO Museum.


WHAT TIME: 15:00

SAMA (Street Art Museum Amsterdam) is the local expert in bringing street art to diverse audiences as a tool to start a dialogue. Our artwork “Accelerated Minds” by KENOR for TrainLodge Hostel in 2016 has become viral on internet and inspired a project in Kiev, Ukraine. Our tours of street art through SAMA collection in Slotermeer and Geuzenveld on TripAdvisor are the 10 most exciting alternative things in Amsterdam, and have been acclaimed by authorities such as Paloma Picasso, Marcel Wanders, Sotheby’s Business Art School, Agnes B, New York Times and Taiwan Business Weekly, amongst many others.

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