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Street Art in our Living Room

Making of the Street Art Surrealist Tree

SAMA opens its doors and welcomes you to attend the most exciting and colourful workshop for children and families, which will take place in our cozy gallery in Nieuw West, on Sunday 2, December 2018.

Do you like street art? Do you like Surrealism? Is your kid passionate about the art?

And if not, it's time to join some new experiences. So let’s play with Kenor’s contemporary colours (street art) and have some fun, with Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte’s (surrealism). Imagine the two of the most exciting artistic movements in one go! Two different teams, the street artists and the surrealists will combine their powers and create the Surrealistic Street Art tree!

Why do we prefer to learn through art and play?

Creativity is extremely important for child’s development because completing art projects, learning to express themselves in new ways help kids gain confidence and perseverance. Learn through playing gives the opportunity to come up with positive emotional responses to stressful situations. Let’s not forget that play through art free children’s imagination and let them to create something unique via their own experience and optic. These traits guide kids ability to plan his or her behavior, which is essential for school and social life.

"Our aim is to encourage children to learn about art through playing".

This open dialogue engaged art, creativity, DIY (Do it YOURSELF) and play with the different tools during this workshop! We have loads of materials and colours, which are waiting for you to experiment and create something unique in our Street Art Living Room.

What inspires us?

Participation fee: 25 euro per child

Spaces are limited - maximum 10 children We advise you to book your space via:

or directly via

EVENTBRITE link For more details, please do not hesitate to call us on : +31 639482822 Our Gallery is located at Immanuel Kanthof 1, 1064VR, Amsterdam. Target group: children ages 4-12 years old / parents are welcome. We offer hot coffee and tea in case parents would like to join our workshop.

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